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Could I Use This Graphics Card On This Computer?

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Could I Use This Graphics Card On This Computer?

Postby cooney94 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:36 pm

I am looking for a new computer but I cannot find any at a decent price that will be good enough for my use.

So, what I was wondering is, if I was to buy this computers, I would be able to buy the graphics card separately and fit it into this computer.

Or is there a better computer that I could buy and fit it in at a similar price? (please suggest?)

I have two graphics cads that I could use (In order of preference):

Radeon HD 6850

Nvidia GeForce GTX 570

And the computer is this:


Also, do I have to buy a specific one?

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Could I Use This Graphics Card On This Computer?

Postby Darroch » Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:24 pm

judging by those graphics card you want a pc game.. get it customised, you can choose YOUR parts.. and the website ill give at the end of this will help you a lot too to know the meaning of the parts and what they are for, and they have graphs to compare it with.. i bought mine from there.. i bought a whole desktop (computer+monitor+keyboard) and it's a VERY high end pc game which will surely last a VERY long time.. I spend £1250 on mine but you can get the best stuff for your budget.. take a look at it if you want, even if you don't buy it form there in the end for whatever reason, at least it will help your knowledge and understand what each main components are.. that way you won't waste your money buying premade computers which are very weird because they do not match (example, high cpu but low gpu etc etc.)

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