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Could U Plz Explain Me How System Boots?

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Could U Plz Explain Me How System Boots?

Postby Malachi » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:27 pm

A computer ( mac, windows, linux atc.) got a component at the motherbord called the "BIOS" (Basic Input Output System) Which is always on with a little battery, remembering time and special settings, and responsible for the system start. When you press the start button on your computer, it sends a signal to the BIOS that it's time to start. The BIOS then starts the computer and boots. It first boots the BIOS' itself where it looks for components to start from and registers the available hardware, whereafter it starts the 1.st available bootable operating system ( mostly located on the hard drive). If the bootable operating system is not accesable (broken or disconnected) it displays an error or continues to search. The BIOS settings can be accessed by pressing the key discribed at one of the very first windows appering when you start the computer.

I hope this was what you where looking for. :)
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Could U Plz Explain Me How System Boots?

Postby Finghin » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:21 am

usually it just shuts down then wait a few seconds after it shuts down, turn it on again. Or if there is a restart button on your computer just press that.
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