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Completely Locked Out Of My Windows Xp Computer!!!?

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Completely Locked Out Of My Windows Xp Computer!!!?

Postby Burgard » Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:18 pm

Ok, so basically here's what happened. I was on my main login (username "Corey Collins") and my password was just the space bar 5 times (password "*space*space*space*space*space) so i decided my username was too 'original' (my name, lol) so i changed it to something new (new username "Wh1te Thund3r") I then thought that my password was too easy. so i just changed it to (new password "105rs734_") so now my username was "Wh1te Thund3r" and my password was "105rs734_" so i just switched users real quick to put my password in and for some reason it said my password was wrong! I KNOW for a fact that i just changed my password to "105rs734_". I have only used 3 passwords on this computer since I got it. (password 1 - "CoreyIsTheMan" password 2 "*spacebar5times*" password 3 "105rs734_") and i have only had 2 usernames (username 1 "Corey Collins" username 2 "Wh1te Thund3r" at the lock screen i pressed Ctrl+Alt+DEL and put in every combination of those that is possible and i still cant get in!!! i have also tried logging into the guest login, but that is deactivated. i have also tried logging into the administrator with no luck because i haven't enough permissions. my computer is a little netbook that came pre-installed with xp so i have no installation cd or even a cd drive (hence the netbook) i also have ubuntu linux installed on it which is what i'm using now... is there a way to possibly reset my password on my xp ? ? ? i have very valuable info on my windows partition...
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Completely Locked Out Of My Windows Xp Computer!!!?

Postby Muireach » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:20 pm

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Completely Locked Out Of My Windows Xp Computer!!!?

Postby Errapel » Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:38 pm

I have resolved this issue by myself. I will input what I did below if anyone else has this issue.

As your computer is booting press F8 and choose 'windows safe mode with command prompt' when it loads log onto the administrator and on the command prompt type the following:

net user "The username which password you want to change goes here" *

so it should look like this if your username you where wanting to change is Corey Collins:

net user Corey Collins *

it will prompt you for a new passcode and a confirmation

i just hid enter 2 times to reset the password to nothing. This worked! :D i just restarted my computer normally then i was able to log on! but thanks for all the help people, you guys had good suggestions!
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Completely Locked Out Of My Windows Xp Computer!!!?

Postby Carol » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:10 pm

Yes, there is a (free) password recovery program available for download on the net. You put the program on a CD and then boot from it, it will then scan your HD for every User and password, takes a few minutes and works great.
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