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Color Music Kindles Help ... Help ... Help ....?

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Color Music Kindles Help ... Help ... Help ....?

Postby Wit » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:53 pm

I need some one with the expensive Kindle eBook readers that have sound to check something out for me: I just publish a new book on Amazon.com the title "VIP2RIP" it is a memoir true story how I murdered your beloved president leader JFK, but it was okay to do so because JFK was really a Double O O Spider and he should not be in any ones house including the White House. I installed music into Word then ePub it I need to know is there music in the book if you could down load it to your music Kindle free of charge and tell me if there is audio. The first is Kid Rock "Born Free' that is in the prologue that is when my family of bald eagles come to my yard and pick me up and we just go flying off then Bad Company in Vietnam marines deserting there is a paragraph I installed music Bad Company there are a few more soundtracks if you could go over with your Kindle and let me know if the music took hold I will give you 10 points. Thanks
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Color Music Kindles Help ... Help ... Help ....?

Postby Wohehiv » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:51 am

You realize what you're describing is illegal, right? Unless you've paid for musical rights, no way that will survive for long without you getting sued into oblivion.
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