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College Decisions- Texas State Or Colorado State?

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College Decisions- Texas State Or Colorado State?

Postby Peirce » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:28 pm

Preferably looking for opinions from someone who has attended one of these schools or lives in the area. I live in northern Texas and I am interested in going to TxState due to its convenience- near Austin, no out of state tuition, low acceptance standards haha, etc. However, I am in love with Colorado and would love to get away. If I did go to Colorado I would spend a year going to ju-co in Boulder and then transfer to Colorado State so I wouldn't have to pay out of state tuition after being a resident for a year. This is a super tough decision and I know it takes a lot of looking into, just seeing if anyone has a persuasive opinion for either of the two. Thank you
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College Decisions- Texas State Or Colorado State?

Postby brett » Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:19 am

I don't have experience with these particular colleges. i do have experience in helping students make wise college choices. I also made a huge mistake going to graduate school in a state where I never felt comfortable. And this was a move from one southern state to another. SC undergrad, VA grad.

Consider these questions.

Where do you intend to settle after graduation? Have you thought and planned beyond college and planned so that you are likely to get hired after college in the job you want? Have you done your homework about job requirements and job outlook in the area where you intend to live once you graduate?

Are you prepared to be so far from home and in a different environment with people who have a very different background. You will be the odd man there. Does that suit you? Advantages and disadvantages? Of course, there will be some little variety at Colorado State but most at junior college will be from there.

What is your being in love with Colorado about? Is it based on significant time spent there? Was that vacation time or real life time? Do you know people there? If not, are you ok being in a place where you know no one and most other people know each other? Are you comfortable with and prepared for the significant differences in weather and especially in people and society between Texas and Colorado? Are there things in Texas that you need to get away from? Just remember that wherever you go, you usually take yourself! Be wise. Be successful. Be happy! Always have a backup plan. Maybe more than one!
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College Decisions- Texas State Or Colorado State?

Postby Dalyell » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:27 am

threat is that transferring to CO in August of '09 does no longer qualify you as a resident with the help of the spring semester. many times you may stay in a state and artwork finished-time for no less than a three hundred and sixty 5 days earlier you may benefit residency. you'll could adjust all of your information to that state (motive force's license, tags, voter registration). each state has distinct rules although, yet 5 months gained't be lengthy adequate. you want to do more suitable study earlier you ensure to this plan. call Colorado college and ask them their residency criteria.
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