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Celllphone Help And Advice? Cost Of Changing Plan Before Contract Is Up?

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Celllphone Help And Advice? Cost Of Changing Plan Before Contract Is Up?

Postby Tooantuh » Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:54 pm

well, yesterday I dropped my phone into some liquid. :C I quickly dried it, set it in a bag of rice overnight and a turn it back on and it still has the same problems it did before it dried.

So, I am leaving it in the rice some more but I have high doubts...I might just need a new phone. Except I JUST got this phone (the dying one) 6 months ago, so I doubt I will have eligibility for any upgrades etc without paying full price.

I either have 2 options:

1. Convince my parents to let me use their old Blackberries. I hate Blackberries, but I really want a smart phone. I would only need to keep the phone for a little more until I am eligible for an early upgrade.

2. Buy another phone off of eBay. I wanted the kin twom, but I am afraid of ordering it because I'll have to pay for it and I don't want to waste money on something that won't last me at least a year. And I don't know any other feature phones with a decent touch screen.


I have a few questions too: How much does it cost to move from a regular phone plan to a smart phone plan before your upgrade?

and What are some other discontinued feature phones with touch screens? (Good phones :C)

I'm considering buying the kin anyway because I really wanted before I bought my Brightside, and idk
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