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Canon Vixia 3.3mp Camcorder Hard Drive Or Flash Memory?

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Canon Vixia 3.3mp Camcorder Hard Drive Or Flash Memory?

Postby Grey » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:53 pm

I would suggest the flash version. While it is true that the video should be about the same from either camcorder because they record to the same file formats, there are other differences unrelated to video quality.

In this case, you said you would be recording HS football games. There is potentially loud enough audio when you want to record that will cause enough vibration so the hard drive camcorder will not record - this is because in a high vibration environment, the camera wants to protect the disc platters in the hard drive. Flash memory and miniDV tape based camcorders do not have this vibration issue.

(Though not part of your use descriptiopn, it should be noted that the other issue hard drive based camcorders have is in high altitude. Anything over about 9,700 feet and there is a good chance the hard drive will not be able to record. Both the vibration and altitude issues are given about two lines - recognizing the issues exist - in the camcorder's manuals.)

Be aware that miniDV tape continues to provide best available video quality. Next best are consumer flash and hard drive based camcorders.

Once you get the video into your computer and readable by a video editor, you can format the video to whatever the far end needs to play back. This can include DVD-file format video, computer readable file format video that happens to be burned to a DVD or uploads to sites like vimeo.com for high quality without having to send anything but a liink.
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Canon Vixia 3.3mp Camcorder Hard Drive Or Flash Memory?

Postby Monte » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:29 pm

i would say flash offers more in terms of flexibility. if you have a corrupted hard drive it would be expense to replace and once it's full you'll have to either erase content or import to your mac or pc. flash would be quicker and easier plus you can purchase several cards and import while you are shooting other material. flash memory is constantly coming down in price too while sizes continue to rise. as far as video quality to space quantity i can only answer in terms of mini dv tape. generally speaking it is around 14 gb per hour. so with that assumption shooting at full quality (never shoot anything less than this!) i would expect your typical entry level 30 gb hdd model to take around 2 hours of full res. hope it helps.
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