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Can You Supply Any More Revision Advice For Me?

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Can You Supply Any More Revision Advice For Me?

Postby Burhdon » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:20 pm

I made a video for my friends about how I revise, to help them get the best grades they can. and I thought it'd be really great if I could get a bunch more people to come and add their own tips, so we can all put our heads together and maybe we would get some new ideas that would completely change our outlook on exams and revision. But yeah - the revision tips start around 10 minutes in, the rest is me talking about our new community (watch if your a gamer and your interested in Youtube). Hopefully you found my advice useful - it has worked very well for me. But, anything, any aspect of exams or revision that you want to shine some light on, go for it! We're all ears!

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Can You Supply Any More Revision Advice For Me?

Postby Giulio » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:02 am

Just the usual

1. Arrive as relaxed as possible for the exam in question, do not stress unduly you have studied your subject thoroughly and know all you need to know to pass well.

2. A little last minute refresher before the exam by talking to your fellow candidates in the canteen.
Choose areas you consider are your weakest, and give advice on areas you consider your strengths.

3. The questions will be taken from the syllabus you studied not some arcane tome of secret knowledge known only to mages and sages of times gone by.

4. try to enjoy it, I know this will be hard to do but worry and stress can induce panic and carelessness.

5 you don't say how old you are so the next advice assumes you are at GCSE stage.
Go for a coffee with your friends afterwards, having something to look forward to will reduce the exam nerves.
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