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Can You Set Which Audio Device To Use Via Command Line?

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Can You Set Which Audio Device To Use Via Command Line?

Postby Wadu » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:22 am

I will laugh if someone has an answer for me on yahoo answers.

My issue is I record my desktop stream games via justin.tv. My SOUND device is USB, FME doesn't allow USB.

So I enabled my internal sound card.

I use A virtual audio cable (VAC) from my mobo sound to my USB.

So FME gets sound from the mobo, and the software takes the mobo sound and sends it to my speakers.

The issue here my default sound device.

If it is mobo, then i have to make sure i run the VAC ALL the time if i want to hear sound.

If it is on the USB, then when i open up a program it goes to my USB, which is good UNTIL I want to share my desktop/sound. To fix it i must close the program, change the default sound device, then enable the VAC, then repopen the program.

So either way i lose lose.

If there was a way to put a switch or command line i could watch a batch to change the sound device for just the programs that i want to share my sound on! So i leave default as USB.

And when i ran program X in "share mode" via the batch file, it ignores the default and uses my mobo, it would also easily open up the VAC.

Call me lazy, but setting up my whole setup with 2 computers, many CRTs, flat panels and TVs, and a sound system, hasn't been easy and this would make life a bit easier for all the other little issues i have with this :)
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Can You Set Which Audio Device To Use Via Command Line?

Postby Bowyn » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:27 pm

I believe that would all be possible under a Linux OS. Granting you could set up the system with two sound devices working at the same time, you could write script files to set the sound device first before running the application. You may even be able to run two applications simultaneously while using two different sound devices. The only problem now is how to program a remote control to make this as lazy as you possibly like it to be.

To deliver the final blow, if you're not laughing out loud while rolling on the floor yet with tears, this system may be possible using only one CPU.

As to whether Linux has equivalent applications to what you a re using, I have absolutely no idea.
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