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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Deependu » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:07 am

Evil step sisters, evil step mom, uncaring dad, best friends...just another Cinderella story. Or is it? Mercy Hallow street races and occasionally street fights, all for money. One night she decides that she's going to race this new hot shot in her turf. The bet? If he loses, she gets his two-million dollar car. If she loses, she's his. Too bad she doesn't know who he is... This stranger is Dallas Smithson, the biggest billionaire's son who is also in need of a girl to settle down.

(I started this a while back and I'm stuck on a title. I know you should wait but I want to post it on wattpad. Please help me!!!)


?Mercy, don?t you love Gucci?! I cannot believe you don?t even know what that is!? Lilly exasperatedly huffed.

I rolled my eyes and scrubbed the floor a little bit harder. The clicking of stilettos interrupted Lilly?s extensive details on whatever this ?Gucci? thing was. It has to be Nelly coming to claim evil Lilly for something stupid like always. If Nelly weren?t Lilly?s twin, I?d rip off her head. Heck, if Lilly didn?t have her nice moments, I?d rip both of their heads off. Scowling fake wannabes is what they truly are.

A slopping noise mixed with water broke the menacing sound of the heels. I looked up from the scrub brush to Nelly holding a plate, a dirty plate. My eyes went to the water on the floor. A moldy mess of last week?s spaghetti was the source of the sickening slopping noise. Nelly?s nasally laugh snapped me out of my plans to murder her in her sleep. Lilly attempted to join, knowing it?d please Nelly.

?Oops,? Nelly said unconcerned that she had probably added another hour to my work. ?You might want to clean that up before your dearest daddy gets home.?

Tears prickled my eyes. I stood and pushed through the dreadful duo. When I returned with the trashcan, Nelly had spread it out with the heel of her shoe. I gaped at the mess she had decided to leave.

?It was too tempting,? she explained simply. ?Also, just give up on your mechanic thing. You?re no good. And also, happy eighteenth.?

If I didn?t have plans tonight, I would take the time to shove all of that spaghetti down your pretty white shirt, I thought angry.

I gathered the spaghetti in my hands and dumped it in the trashcan as Nelly and Lilly made gagging noises. Rolling my eyes, I finished scrubbing the mess then shooed them out.

?Wouldn?t want you two to fall and bust your ugly faces up, would we?? I snipped. Nelly huffed and stomped out with Lilly on her heels. Before exiting with Nelly, Lilly turned and gave me an apologetic smile. I returned it and ran out the back door to the old shed that is?umm, my room. The splattered paint welcomed me brightly. There on my bed sat Teddy?my teddy bear. ?Hello again.?

It sat there motionless as I stripped from the worn out ugly clothes. I slipped on my flexible skinny jeans full of rips, a nice green tank top, my biker boots, and my leather jacket. Teddy sat by my pillow and looked at me through the mirror. It seemed like he was telling me something was wrong. Maybe I just placed him weird this morning?normally he looked out the curtained window.

?No, I?m going to be fine,? I reassured Teddy. Dramatic teddy bear eye roll, I thought. I pulled my fingers through my curls. They wrapped nervously around my fingers causing me to reach for the pick on the desk. ?I?ll be back by midnight, like always. Not a scratch, like always. Don?t freak out.?

The pick weaved through my ivory hair as if it was on a mission. It still looked like a mess. I pulled my fingers through the mess into a clear hair-holder. I stood there assessing my outfit before grabbing my iPhone (which I bought and pay for every month much to my dad?s surprise) and running out the door, down the narrow alley, and meeting Jace at the end.

?Teddy giving you a hard time again?? Jace joked. I slugged his arm playfully before he took off to meet Kay at the station. ?So why do you think she got hauled in this time??

Oh Kay and your terrible attitude. Your inability to know when it?s time to run?your inability to check and see if the wires were snipped?what?s wrong with you? I sent out to her. ?She jumped the Wally World manager in the parking lot.?

He tore his eyes from the road and stared at me like I was the idiot. His brown eyes blazed into mine. I turned and looked out the window, feeling uncomfortable. Yeah, Jace has been my best friend since diapers but sometimes it?s weird. Sometimes he gives me some weird looks and whatnot. It?s uncomfortable a lot. They?re wasted looks if he likes me?feelings not mutual whatsoever. When I looked away from the sun blazed streets of Brooklyn, Jace was looking out the windshield with this angsty hurt look. Why?d he have to watch Twilight with Kay?!


Small bit! (I'm sorry for the insult Twilight fans!)
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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Kywrkh » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:40 am

Midnight Cinderella?

Cinderella till noon? (I had that idea saved for my own Cinderella story, and then I didn't know how to start it, and the idea turned out stupid anyway.)

Unexpected Cinderella? (I know, sounds stupid)

Sorry, but that's all I can think off. Hope they help.
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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Cillan » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:51 am

maybe something like "Cinderella in the Streets" or "The other side of Cinderella"
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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Burl » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:15 pm

Cinderella at Dallas's Mercy

Mercy's Cinderella's story

sorry they are kind of crappy
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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Beechy » Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:53 pm

Endless race? At the end of highway?
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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Dantel » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:53 am

Title Suggestions:

'The Tiger's Jewel' (definition, the tiger could represent the billionaire's son and the

main character is the jewel...)

'Cat and Mouse'
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Can You Help Me With A Title Please?

Postby Kip » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:26 pm

Don't be lazy, if we help you do we get credit?

Answer mine?

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