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Can This Break Up End Well?

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Can This Break Up End Well?

Postby Pernell » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:08 am

So, we are breaking up, after 5 years. My friends are now hers, and we both want to live in the same area. We broke up because I can't afford to keep up the pace financially, and haven't been able to put a ring on it because of this, work has been tough, taking a pay cut and staying in my job so her career could sort itself out after management change. I have missed my marriage window, and have agreed to end it, mainly because I know I am a while away from saving money, and although I am now allowed to job hunt, it's too little too late, if I get a job closer to home I will be back in the game from fuel saving alone, plus the pay.! Our joint mortgage is contributed more by her, but I put a large deposit down and payed all the costs

I'm not sure it will be easy living in the same village, and being amicable, also not sure I am 100% in wanting to end things, and am I wrong in thinking money should be a massive factor.

Having said that she is easily irritated by tiny things and I won't miss that, but I really don't think I can give her what she wants.
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Can This Break Up End Well?

Postby Adebayo » Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:07 pm

First off let me say, ending a relationship because you cant afford to buy a ring for her is probably the most ridiculous reason I have ever heard of. Marriage is a life time thing, so if you guys are actually going to get married what is the rush? Marriage says that you guys will be together forever anyways. So she isn't willing to wait until you're in a better position to buy a ring? That is just ridiculous and you're better off without her if thats the case.

Now if its at a point were you guys are done trying to compromise and work it out, the best advice for getting over someone is remove them from your life completely. Block on all social media networks, delete her number if you want, and STAY BUSY! Do not let your mind get bored because you will start over thinking and getting sad, do whatever you need to do to stay busy. The biggest problem is that you guys have some of the same friends. That could be awkward but if you can, try to avoid seeing her. If there is a party, ask someone if she was invited and if so then dont go.

I know that no one wants to hear this, but sometimes the person you want the most, is the person you are best without.

PS. you sound like a great person.
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