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Can Someone Help Me Determine These Rashes?

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Can Someone Help Me Determine These Rashes?

Postby Wynter » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:14 pm

Hello. Any help would be so much appreciated this rash is driving me crazy.

A little history about my health.

I thought my rash was due to my thyroid levels being way out of whack and I am working to get my medicine right on dosage. I take Levothyroixine 150 mcg and I was hyperthyroid now I am hypothyroid after RAI treatment and even though I am on medication for it I have symptoms as if I am not taking anything at all. I am also a full time college student and I have recently been laid off my job and I moved two weeks ago so I am severely stressed out. I have insomnia I do not sleep at night much I have trouble staying asleep an falling asleep. I also have muscle weakness in my wrists, arms, legs and ankles I cannot wear heels anymore. I have swollen hands, arms, legs, and chronic hives and I am thinking I may have Lupus I am not sure.

I always feel a tight band feeling around my head and pressure in the back of my neck and a heavy feeling in my neck and on my shoulders like something is holding me down sometime I feel HYPER and HYPO and I used to have rashes that looked like burns when I washed in hot water so I try to resist and wash in cold water. I also have a bad thrush issue oral and vaginal and I have gone on a gluten free diet and trying to eliminate sugars to starve the yeast but I admit I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and I think this maybe where his rash is coming from my yeast issues. I didn't think men could get yeast problems until I looked it up recently.

I read that when you have a bad yeast infection you can get rashes but I am not sure if I passed him a yeast infection by sex and now he has this rash or I am not sure if he gave me this rash from something else? I have a bad thrush problem oral and vaginal since June 2011 way before I met him and I got an HIV test February 2012 and it was negative. Found out the thrush and yeast infections are from hypothyroidism. I am not sexually promiscuous and I had an HIV test done after my last relationship which was in December 2011. I started this relationship January this year.

My rash ( the pic with purple tank top) has been here for weeks and have not gone away yet ).

What started to worry me is my boyfriend has a small rash on him also and his does not itch at all and doesn't bother him and it is on his lower back on the right side but you can barley notice unless you are looking hard it sort of blends in with his skin. He eats a terrible diet ( lot of sugars and barley drinks water ) and works in a steel mill and paints steel and sometimes the paint gets on his arms and I am not sure if this could of broken him out? Or was it something from me? Or something he has?

I posted picture links also. I pray that you guys can help me figure this out maybe it is a fungal rash or from a yeast infection or maybe stress because we have both been very stressed out these past months.

He also had a cyst and was on antibiotics a few weeks ago and I don't know if that gave him this rash or not but by looking at it I figure someone can help me out here.

I am not sure if this is some form of dermatitis or yeast, fungal or something else?! I asked him was he tested for HIV recently he told me yes so I am not sure what it is. My mother just added me on her insurance at work so I cannot use it until June 15, 2013 so for now I am looking for something to ease my mind.

Thanks I appreciate it.


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