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Can I Put An Ibook G4 Hard Drive Into A White Macbook?

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Can I Put An Ibook G4 Hard Drive Into A White Macbook?

Postby Heortwiella » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:33 am

Probably not.
The G4 will probably have an ATA drive while the MacBook will need a SATA drive.

You would be better off getting a new SATA drive... http://www.amazon.com/500GB-Sata-drive-A...

and popping that in... http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/macbook...
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Can I Put An Ibook G4 Hard Drive Into A White Macbook?

Postby Somerville » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:18 pm

First enable's sparkling this up: you do not have a G4 MacBook. All MacBooks are Intel. All G4 desktops are "PowerPC" processor. You the two have an Intel MacBook or some G4 that's no longer a MacBook. look on the form imprinted on the computing gadget's case. which will eithger say "MacBook" or...? look at "approximately This Mac". which will the two say "PowerPC G4" or "Intel _______". There are purely 2 connection approaches for pc HDDs: the previous ATA (additionally often noted as "PATA" or "IDE") and SATA. there is not any clever thank you to place a distinctive variety in a pc. All iBook and PowerBook notebooks use ATA, so as that variety of HDD will purely in positive condition an iBook or PowerBook. All notebooks use 2.5" length drives. All own computing gadget (iMac, potential Mac, Mac professional) use 3.5" drives. those kinds are no longer interchangeable. this is accessible to apply a 2.5" in a tower variety case through employing an adapter and looking out a thank you to maintain it from moving around, yet i do no longer cautioned such warm-rodding. employing an exterior case, not one of the above communicate concerns. If the force fits the interior connector of the case, it is going to paintings.
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