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Can't Forget About This Guy. Help!?

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Can't Forget About This Guy. Help!?

Postby Edoardo » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:12 pm

I met this guy & he literally was everything I could for. He was I think the guy for me. The only problem was that he lives 2 hrs away & hes real good friends with his ex gf. I pished him away he came back then I did it again & he had enough. We stopped talking. its been about 3 months & I still constantly think about him. Im very busy I work 2 jobs but somehow his.name comes up or the.thing he did so right came up out of no where. I already tried telling him but he says i messed up. How can I forget about him? I try to keep busy & I dont want another guy until im over this one because I dont want to compare. Any advice would help.
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Can't Forget About This Guy. Help!?

Postby Lokni » Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:41 pm

Let him to be the one to "get over you ".

This works so, do not fluff it off cause it's time for a change. PERIOD.

You can choose to have the same old thoughts or inspirational, positive thoughts; your attitude determines your mindset, which in turn determines your behaviors and the outcomes in your life.
You will achieve more, feel happier and live longer if you chose the positive option.

Now let's get ready to boost your positive thoughts and thinking !

First get the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins and you'll naturally create a whole new you after the first couple of pages and you will have a brand new positive outlook on your life. This worked for me and everyone else I recommended this book to. You will feel much better, have a sense of direction & purpose when you have confidence !

You have the summer to "change" yourself so, reinvent yourself today.

This may sound crazy to you but, it works - I am not joking and can assure you will feel better about yourself.

Go out and treat yourself to a new hairstyle, manicure, some new clothes & a trendy HOT swimsuit and go to the place where everyone hangs out around water.

Hey, what happened to that other girl ???

Make sure he hears about it and send him pics ~ Hey, he might just get interested real quick again.

Watch how the guys will be checking you out & they will see you as confident and "hot" !

HAVE A BLAST ~ It about time you became available !
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