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Buying A New Monitor And Want To Make Sure I Get Good Color Quality?

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Buying A New Monitor And Want To Make Sure I Get Good Color Quality?

Postby Ingelbert » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:43 am

I recently took some pictures on my DSLR camera and displayed them on my monitor and on my Fujicom LCD 42" TV, and found the color on the TV is WAY more alive and rich, like it's a completely different picture.

I want to purchase a monitor that has as much color fidelity as my TV, yet I'm not sure which spec denotes that difference. Should i look for higher "dynamic" or "static" contrast ratio or some other spec?

My TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 1:10,000 and the monitor i have in mind is a Samsung 27" LED monitor with a "Mega ? DCR 1:1,000" static contrast ratio.

The monitor i currently have has 1,000 static contrast as well so i'm not sure this is the right spec to look for...

Current monitor specs: http://www.emprex.com/02_products_02.php?id=243

Specs of the monitor i consider buying: http://www.samsung.com/il/consumer/pc-peripherals/monitor/digital-tv-monitor/LT27B300MA/CH
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Buying A New Monitor And Want To Make Sure I Get Good Color Quality?

Postby Crowley » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:46 pm

Advertized contrast ratios mean nothing. The actual, measured contrast ratio of most LCDs is around 800:1, sometimes a bit lower, but never higher. In fact, it's best to ignore most of the specs that aren't set in stone.

Second, be careful using a TV as a measure. Many TVs have built-in image processing that makes the picture more 'vivid'. If this is the goal it can be done by adjusting the graphics settings.

If you want color accuracy the first thing to look for is a non-TN panel.

Here is a FAQ with some good information: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/faq.htm

A good way to tell is by the viewing angles; they will be advertized around 180 degrees.

Beyond that you need to check reviews of the individual screens. TFTcentral.co.uk and digitalversus.com are good resources. They test out of the box and calibrated color accuracy, back light evenness, power consumption, everything.
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