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Blue Screen When Re-installing Windows Xp ...?

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Blue Screen When Re-installing Windows Xp ...?

Postby Arnav » Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:15 pm

I have an XP based netbook with no cd/dvd drive. I backed up all the improtant files and now im trying to re-install windows xp (trust me, it needs it) with an external cd drive to the usb cable (yes, I adjusted bios boot priority to usb port). I arrive at a blue screen with a bottom bar scrolling through various windows, but when it arrives at the message starting windows. I get an blue screen of death error screen that I need to CHECK DISC /F ... Thinking that the hard drive still had some fluke file on it. I wiped the hard drive completely, so their is absolutely nothing on it ...
but I still get this screen. Dunno why?

Oh i also sometimes get cmd prompt screens that say I have to reload hal.dll and some other file. I reinstall a hal.dll from a working machine and it sometimes still returns. Everytime I try its either one of the 2 erros that i can seem to get past.
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Blue Screen When Re-installing Windows Xp ...?

Postby balfor » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:42 pm

If your pc get Blue Screen Of Death (BOSD) http://bsodfixer.com/Blue_Screen_Of_Death you have to check your pc heath, and then fix your pc directly.

Check your pc health online for the website:
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