New HTC Phones Coming Soon

HTC Phones

HTC Phones

The future month or two look pretty good for the once great mobile maker HTC. Notwithstanding a year of declining sales where Samsung has taken the Android initiative, the Taiwanese corporation looks very well positioned to produce a revival.

Handsets are the key, and recently published speculation looks fairly inspiring indeed. The One X+ is a boosted variation of the recent One X, having a 1.7GHz Tegra 3 processor operating Jelly Bean. Additionally, it promises UrBeats earbuds, a new colour and ClearVoice improved phone call technology. Probably not enough on its own to bring back the sickly organization’s finances but its just one strange of a recovery plan.

They are in position to gain more from their pairing with Windows Phone 8. Rather than pinning their phones to one particular Operating-system, HTC are in the great position of being able to test which one is more likely to fly and then tack their hopes on that. The Android and Microsoft windows Phone 8 operating systems draw in different demographics of the cell phone market as well. Individuals who want effortless incorporation with their desktops, Hotmail accounts and Xbox products are almost certainly going to opt for the Windows Phone models. In comparison, Android operating system will continue to attract a somewhat younger crowd.

The Windows Phone 8 cell phones look to be fairly well specced as well, and depending on what time they get to the market at, they are set to be excellent in their classes. The problem facing HTC, therefore, is that they could have made some fantastic electronics but what happens if Windows Phone 8 is disappointing? Poor performance of one (either hardware or software) would drag down the other. These 2 companies really need these smartphones to do well.

From what we’ve seen up to now of Windows Phone 8′s functionality, its obvious that it is extremely fast. They intensely optimized the OS so it is entirely scalable to all kinds of chip design working efficiently on single and dual-core chips, not merely on the more powerful quad-core processors found in mobile handsets like the Galaxy S3. The Lumia 610 has demonstrated that Microsoft’s development team can work their magic to produce a brilliant experience on cheaper devices.

This is something both HTC and Microsoft really need to give full attention to HTC needs this to be a success. Apple’s iOS has dominated the majority of the top end smartphone market already. That marketplace is also drawing near to maturity. Actual upcoming growth is in fact in lower end smartphones globally – something which both corporations really need to give attention to to be able to continue to be successful.