5 Quick iPhone 5 Tips

iPhone 5 Tips

iPhone 5 Tips

If you are using an iPhone 4s or if you just ordered the brand new iPhone 5 then its essential that you find out the most essential hints for using it. There are many tips and tricks available for your treasured iPhone but listed below are the most valuable techniques. These can help you achieve better control over your device.

Most of us understand the brand new Maps iPhone app designed by Apple. Well you can fine-tune it . Head to Settings > Maps > Change label sizing. By simply deciding to replace the label dimensions you’ve got the liberty to view more geographical locations. The little text size allows you to show more options, even the design seems much more structured by doing this and much less jumbled. Really the only negative is that you must have pretty good eye sight to make out the small-scale text.

Check out this fantastic siri trick – Giving voice commands to Siri is awesome but if you are keen on keeping it to your self then you will want to enable the option. Go to Settings > General > Siri and check Rise to Speak. This selection allows for the Siri capability any time a end user places the mobile phone next to the ear. Therefore, any time you pickup your device and bring it in the vicinity of your ear it is possible to whisper the request and Siri follows.

Backup your snap shots very easily! Photo Stream now incorporates a option for backing up photos along with the photos taken within the time period of 30 days on your device. Go to Settings – Photos & Camera, this reveals the pictures that you have stashed on your Mac or other Apple devices.

One of the best new options in iOS 6 is the ability to affix videos and photographs directly in an e-mail. To make attachments in your empty email, click and hold down in the email message body to show a pop up. The popup is the insert Image or Movie ability. For people with previously written a message then tap the arrow that is found on the right-hand area to show you the pop up option.

The newest operating system contains a pre-loaded function called DND (Do Not Disturb) allowing a phone user to silence notices. Additionally you may make options for a distinct time window to stop notices which include, e-mails, text messages and phone calls. Head to Settings- Notifications – Do Not Disturb and set the time setting that suits you.

Best Features In The Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is frequently discussed in the tech news and blogs. Technology lovers are always on a look out for the most recently released technologies and so discussing the functions of Windows 8 is an activity they like. When considering the Windows 8 powered mobile phone the most important thing to notice is that it is pushed by several brand-new functions never seen before. The capabilities furnished in this mobile phone are superior to that of its predecessor as this software is based on NT; what’s more, it has a new Kernel. Why don’t we find out more on it and the five new features of this brand new phone.

• Startup display screen
• Data usage alerts
• Media & Movies Updates
• Roadmaps available offline
• Me Tile Functionality

Now we will explore each one of the above capabilities one by one that makes this phone software so fascinating

The startup screen in the latest version of Windows phone is something that has a new advantage to the user. The display has the power to adjust the size of the tiles. Using this method a operator can create as many tiles as required. Now it’s going to be fairly simple to increase the amount of tiles on home screen since you can make way for new tiles by resizing them. In this manner it’s easy to access apps included on the start-up screen without making it cluttered or dealing with space restrictions.

Commonly a user has to manually track the data consumption while surfing on the web. Verifying data via AT &T app is tiring but with this new Windows 8 phone, the end user needn’t track data by hand. The efficiency of data tracking is automatic with this latest version of Windows. In addition, the further functionality of data alert also changes and cuts down on the page size that is downloaded on the cellphone. Consequently faster downloads and much less data use.

Those who are keen on catching up on the latest news do not need to search for other options as the most current news updates will be delivered by Bing. For anybody who is seeking to knowing about the current film launches then you need not use any third party software package as Bing is here to provide you all the details you might need. Latest media headlines and video reviews, launches are all possible via Bing that comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.

The map facility is commonly accessible online to the consumers but not offline – this is not the case in Windows 8. You may use the Roadmaps features without needing to search on-line. This will help save data usage and even battery life. Just go in to the pre-loaded Maps and begin searching for the required region.

The new Windows Phone is likely to offer the functionality of Me tile. However, this capability is available for users but if this functionality is available for developers is uncertain. It is typically useful for customizing the display lock to acquire notifications and status updates on unread emails.