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Bad Neighbour Revenge Help!?

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Bad Neighbour Revenge Help!?

Postby Brodric » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:53 am

Before I begin, please understand that I have tried to be nice, tried to cooperate, tried to ignore, but it's simply useless so telling me "Revenge doesn't solve anything" will not get you top answer. Basically I have THE worlds lousiest, most evil, witch of a neighbor anybody has ever had. The 1st day we moved into our house there was no fence between our house and her dog kept crossing over into our yard. When I nicely asked for this to stop, she started yelling and cussing at me and I threatened to call animal control. Then a few minutes later the police arrive at my door and she had told them that I had threatened to kill her. WTF! The cops were on her side because "why would she lie about something like that." I tried to apologize for the misunderstanding and asked if I could build a fence between the yards and she agreed to it. The next day I start to build the fence, and she calls the police AGAIN! This time saying that I was building stuff on her property without her permission.I then had to hire a land surveyor , costing me thousands of dollars, to examine and in the end report that the land I was building on was indeed part of my own property. When my kids play outside she will yell at them to go inside and when I went to argue she sprayed window cleaner on me and one time my tenant got into a dispute with her and she spilled a bucket of water onto him. Each time, being the good people we are, both my tenant and I refused to call the police as we agreed that she was mentally unstable and we let it go. This all happened about 5 years ago and just recently I got a dog who barks constantly during the day.She will always come outside yelling "Shut up" and I got fined $250 because of his barking being a nuisance. Also when I am hammering or doing work outside she will record me because she thinks that she can report the noise for being a disturbance and I get angry at this and have called the police until she stopped. Also we have a carnival near our house during the summer and so the city puts signs that only residents can park at the block and last summer she called the city and I received 3 tickets within a 4 hour period because I was parked in front of my own house. Of course I didn't have to pay but I had to go to the city hall with the tickets and prove I lived there. I could talk forever as there are many instances like this but I covered the main ones. As you can see this witch is crazy and all of my other neighbors agree that she is whack. I'm a really nice neighbor but this has gotten insane. I cant call the city and say she is unfit to live by herself because she has a son that has some hunting rifles and I'm scared of what he might do if he found out she got moved to a dome because of us. I need a way to get revenge LEGALLY as I don't anything to do with the police again. Again I have tried to be cooperative but this is insane and I need a 100% legal way to get revenge. Thanks:)
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Bad Neighbour Revenge Help!?

Postby Burket » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:33 am

complicated aspect. check out on yahoo. this could help!
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Bad Neighbour Revenge Help!?

Postby Heywood » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:55 am


If you can afford it, just Move....sounds like a lot of your life and energy is spent on a negative situation.....
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