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Go Back To School For Auto Mechanics Or Welding?

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Go Back To School For Auto Mechanics Or Welding?

Postby Llara » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:33 pm

I'm 22 and I have an associate's degree in criminal justice. After much time spent and money invested, I cannot get a job in my career field so I want to go back for two areas that I enjoy. I either want to go back for auto mechanics or welding.
But I cannot decided which is more steady work and have jobs more readily available.

I figure that there will be more auto mechanic jobs, but with less pay and also a person would be easier to replace. I have heard that certified welders are hard to find so that would be a plus. But also I haven't seen many active welding jobs out there.

Can anyone give me a opinions and pros/cons?
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Go Back To School For Auto Mechanics Or Welding?

Postby Girven » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:44 am

Automotive Mechanic Job Outlook
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Go Back To School For Auto Mechanics Or Welding?

Postby Coleman » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:01 pm

My opinion auto mechanics are one style of sector in which .. That you would be able to conveniently get the job. It can be learning system may be very easy. You are able to do any brief time period path in outside.
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Go Back To School For Auto Mechanics Or Welding?

Postby Amaury » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:40 pm

Both careers have about the same expected outlook for job growth (auto mechanics 17% and welders 15%) by 2020 but, auto mechanics have over twice as many available jobs.
salaries differ slightly with mechanics earning a commission for each job (auto mechanic $35,790- anywhere between $20,200 and $59,590. and welders $35,450 - anywhere between $23,940 and $53,690).
Both also, have the same educational requirements (HS diploma or equivalent), and both have a high number of self employed workers.

The problem with the future outlook for auto mechanics is that with the advancement and emerging technology, recent mergers in the auto industry for less destructive material and more independent-cost effective ways to deal with repairs, and manufacturing of automobiles may cause less need for auto mechanics.
But, job opportunities for QUALIFIED mechanics with formal education will be very good, especially for those with specialties in advanced automotive technology, such as hybrid fuel or computer systems.
The majority of job openings will be in automobile dealerships and independent repair shops, where most service technicians currently work.
Another pro for the auto industry is the increasing number of vehicle production and lifespan of vehicles, will prove profitable for qualified workers.

Cons of the auto mechanic industry are remaining in uncomfortable position for long periods of time, the hazards of lifting heavy equipment, and dealing with sickening materials - which is the reason that auto mechanics have a higher rate of injury and illness than other occupations in the US.
You also will of course have to deal with the occasional unsatisfied customer and overtime work.

To become one, you only are required to have an HS diploma but, will more than likely need further training.
And this is for those with knowledge of courses in automotive repair, electronics, computers, mathematics, and English.
For most entry-level positions, you will need to have completed a 6 month to 1 year automotive repair technology program.

You also have the option to go for a 2 year associate's degree.
Coursework will include, basic mathematics, computers, electronics, and automotive repair. Some programs have recently added classes in customer service, English, and other necessary skills.
You will more than likely receive on-the-job training from the program you are in or the job place you choose to work may have their own.

you can find more info at: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/installation-main...

Welders also have a high injury and illness rate as well.
They deal with very hot material, poisonous gases, and extremely intense light.
There is also alot of overtime hours with this career as well.

Cons of the welding industry is that growth is expected to be consistent with growth of the defense industry, especially the manufacturing of air-crafts and missiles, rebuilding the nations bridges, highways, and buildings.
You also have the opportunity to combine both of your loves with welding, you can choose to work as an automotive manufacturer which hires a large number of welders for projects.
Overall job prospects will vary by skill level. Job prospects should be good for welders trained in the latest technologies. Welding schools report that graduates have little difficulty finding work, and many welding employers report difficulty finding properly skilled welders. However, welders who do not have up-to-date training may face competition for jobs.

Becoming a welder can be a short or extensive journey, depending on how far you want to go in the industry.
For most low skilled positions, you can receive a few weeks of school or

on-the-job training as compared to higher skilled position that may require several years of each.

you can find more info on the welding industry at: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/production/welder...
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