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Are Colleges In South Africa Expensive?

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Are Colleges In South Africa Expensive?

Postby aleron » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:19 am

Good education is ALWAYS expensive- regardless in which country you want to further your studies.

I guess life in general is expensive all over the world. It depends in which category you would place yourself.. (High income, Med/ Avg income)

Everything hinges on fuel costs, fuel is expensive in SA, but when compared to the rest of the world.. pretty much on par, however, still cheaper than parts of Europe- but steadily rising to that level.

Public transportation is not up to international standards/ or even local standards. Frequent strikes hinder the smooth operation of the available systems. However, latest news reports reflect an improvement in rail transportation, posting profits for the first time in years. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the national air-carrier (SAA). Poor and mismanagement has led to serious losses.

Crime is a reality, EVERYWHERE, not just in SA. The key to survival is to be vigilant and to to use common sense if you want to remain in the "gene pool".

Rental is affordable. Having had the pleasure of working abroad in may countries.. SA is by far one of the cheapest when it comes to rental. Security complexes are the preferred places of residence, but comes at a premium. All depends on your budget.

Maybe try and look online at universities such as

University of Johannesburg

University of Cape Town

Stellenbosch University

Pretoria University

University of KwaZulu Natal.

Maybe approach their help desks for further pricing information
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