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I'm 13 And I Wanna Be A Rock/pop Singer? *long Story*?

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I'm 13 And I Wanna Be A Rock/pop Singer? *long Story*?

Postby Ercole » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:47 pm

Well im a girl and I've pretty much been into music since I was about 3 years old. It all started when my mom signed my older sister to dancing lessons , and every time we took her to rehearsals my mom told me i'd always go up and dance along with them on stage. now at age 4-6 I remember staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning just singing along to songs with my dad & older sister by green day and the beatles . I'm pretty sure my dad knew by then that I was into music and I wanted to become a singer so at age 7 he signed me up to singing lessons. Well at the time my mom was pregnant with my little sister so after she was born my dad didn't really pay attention to how much I was into music , I was really shy also so I sang softly but I was super friendly . I quit singing lessons cause I was too scared and shy but my dad didn't realize it. so I still kept singing green day til at age 9 I was being bullied and BAM I was back into music cause music was so meaningful to me , it was the only thing I was close to. I always thought that music is a way of expressing yourself even if you're going through depressing those rough times and it was pretty much me.( I was bullied 4th through 6th grade ) at the age of 11 I decided I wanted to become a singer and i'll do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. I would often bring it up to my parents about the whole " music career thing " but they'd pretty much tell me its a waste of time & life and I should be something else like a athlete .

so since 2011 my dad has been signing me up to sports like softball and right now im recently on my school basketball team . I mean I do like sports but I don't wanna do it for a LIVING ! I wanna sing ! I wanna do what I WANT my dad wants me to be a basketball player and he's being sending me to that MAV'S CAMP only where rich kids go to but my dad pulled some strings. And well Im NOT gonna give up on my future career , so my plan is

1. get a job at 15 or 16

2. save up my money to buy studio mic's ( which are $200 )

3. upload videos to my youtube channel , btw my youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/AllStarWeekendFan21?feature=mhee

4. Get recognized by Fearless records or Hopeless records ( hopefully :/ )

At first I wanted to pop singer like katy perry but then I saw how they turn artist into something they're not and I just wanna be myself and not change into someone I don't wanna be.

The reason I wanna be signed to fearless records OR Hopeless records is cause I've been listening to mayday parade, all time low, and falling in reverse since 2011 and they really inspired me after my rough times cause I really have gone through a lot of **** in my life I just keep everything bottled up.

With music I can really express myself , I always record myself in the bathroom with my laptop , phone or ipod .

I'm just kinda scared like is there any other way to get noticed by Fearless records or Hopeless records?

I just wanna show my parents im different and im not like the rest cause im tired of them comparing me to other teens.

here's this one cover I covered by All American Rejects >>>> http://youtu.be/YdoTeDoAmqg

tell me what you think? I know I needa work a little more but i'll do whatever it takes cause I won't give up :)

I wanna be in a band but I want my music to be kinda like the beatles/MaydayParade/AllTimeLow/fallingI... :o

I'm in the 7th grade and this summer im gonna try to make music videos of me covering songs :)

- Nicole r.
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