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Administrator Notification Query.?

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Administrator Notification Query.?

Postby Raynell » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:41 am

So basically i want to connect my computer to this USB device. When my computer detected the device, the administrator notification came up asking if I should allow this program. I should have clicked allow but by mistake I disallowed connecting to the device. Now each time i connect my device to the computer my computer does not "care" for it. It simply makes a sound and there is no way of me enabling my computer to connect to it as not even the admin notification comes up anymore.

So how can I allow this device or at least enable the notification to appear again????

My operating system is Window's Vista.... and yes i have restarted the computer and still not working.
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Administrator Notification Query.?

Postby Fitzsimon » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:08 am

You should try disabling UAC. It sounds like UAC has remembered your mistake and is keeping that in memory for that device...

Open control panel

type UAC in to the search box.

YOu should see a link now to turn UAC (User Account Control) On or Off.

uncheck the box for UAC

and click ok.

Reboot your pc so your changes take effect.

Now try inserting the device. That should do it. If not, report back here.
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